Plagiates and Cover-up's in Academia


I graduated as a behavioural biologist in -98 with pretty much all illusions intact, but I dare say my views on the integrity of science and scientists have been somewhat modified since then. This page is for now basically a private test of Google's ability to erase indexes when requested by individuals who do not appreciate their misconducts to be published so let me present my Documentation for allegations of various misconducts (2nd ed).

This document contains documentation for several academic and scientific dishonesties committed by in particularly Dr. Georgia J. Mason, a Canada Research Chair at the University of Guelph; Dr. Neville Pillay, a professor from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa, and not least their common PhD student Dr. Megan A. Jones, who graduated from the Wits in 2012. I'm actually going to mention their names on this page, simply because I want to see just how fast this page will be "de-indexed" by Google, and these names are of course also spelled out in the document.

The document also includes the final result of three so-called "investigations" of allegations received against these individuals by the two universities mentioned above and the two editors in chiefs of an Elsevier journal named Applied Animal behaviour Science, whose very own editorial advisory board, incidentally, also includes Drs. Georgia Mason and Neville Pillay. Let's just say that I personally find the outcome of all these "investigations" to be consistent with deliberate cover-ups, which I deeply resent, and which also constitute the de facto reason for my present interest in this matter. Especially the last "investigation" by AABS' editors in chiefs, and an assigned journal Editor from Elsevier, was a disgrace.

I know it sounds awfully old fashioned but I do believe "Integrity" is more than just a four-syllable word, and I also appreciate the concept of "professional honour", and those who exercise it, even when doing so comes with a cost. If I were the target for the type of allegations presented in this document, which incidentally has been publicly available for anybody with free access to the Internet since early 2015, and also happen to feel innocent, I certainly would demand a proper investigation from a relevant ethical committee.

If it then turned out that I couldn't get a proper investigation, i.e. performed by qualified persons without relevant and obvious conflicts of interests, I would present a public and thorough point-for-point rebuttal written for my peers in relevant forums, and leave it at that. I would personally not look into the possibility of legal actions for defamation (or whatever), but that would certainly be an option for anybody innocent in such allegations and with something to loose, career-wise or monetary.

One litmus test for integrity is of course what to do when faced with allegations of misconducts of which you are guilty. However, as far as I know, you will still not find a public rebuttal from any of the accused persons and institutions, and I have still not been invited to defend against a charge of defamation, so I'll leave you to draw your own conclusion about life, guilt, human nature, or whatever springs to mind.





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Last updated the 23rd. March 2017


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